Our company's brief history

Kovács Ltd. is a dynamically growing, large-scale family business exclusively owned by Hungarian private individuals. The company is headquartered and operates from the industrial zone of Mezőkövesd, a strategically well-located area with strong transportation links. The primary activities of the company are metal machining and component manufacturing. The company is a significant supplier to the automotive industry.

István Kovács initiated his venture in the 1970s as a family business, specializing in metal machining, particularly turning and milling, to manufacture various metal components. A significant milestone in the continuous evolution of the enterprise was the establishment of Kovács Ltd. in 1993.

Starting in 2001, the owners acquired plots of land in the industrial zone of Mezőkövesd and, in multiple phases over the past 18 years, developed their state-of-the-art and substantial metal machining technological capacity, even on a European scale. The property, covering almost 13 hectares, currently houses approximately 28,000 square meters of built-up area, including two forging plants, one machining plant, and the respective warehouse facilities to support them.

Currently, the production is carried out with a workforce of nearly 500 employees. The company is managed by professionals with extensive experience, aided by a well-qualified team of engineers. We place great importance on the qualification and continuous development of our colleagues working in the production area. Our company also pays special attention to fostering new talent. We are currently collaborating with four secondary educational institutions, providing theoretical training, where more than 35 students are involved in specialized training within the framework of a dual education system.

The main activity of the company is the manufacture of high-precision and high-quality parts, including shafts, gears, bushings, discs and other shaped parts, from prefabricated cast and forged blanks. Kovács Kft. manufactures ten thousand tonnes of forged products a year, using die forging and roll forging processes, and its products either processed as blanks or using cutting process are delivered to its customers.

The company supplies 80% of its products to the automotive industry and 20% of its parts to the engineering industry, and the majority of its revenue is obtained from domestic sales.The highly technical nature of the manufactured parts can only be ensured by highly qualified and experienced staff and by the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology; the company has both of the above.

90% of its production capacity are the machine tools made by the Japanese company Mori Seiki. CNC-controlled lathes and CNC-controlled machining centres provide the basis for its machinery. In addition, the company also has centreless, cylindrical and surface grinding capacities.

The machinery of the forging plant is new equipment manufactured in 2005, which has CE certification and declaration of conformity.

Our company's brief history


The family business was started by István Kovács in the 1970s

Our establishment

A significant milestone was the establishment of Kovács Ltd. in 1993

Turning Plant

The construction of the first turning plant


The construction of the forging plant

Continuous Growth

The new turning and machining plant is built

Raw Material Warehouse

The new raw material warehouse is completed

The new forge is finished

Commissioning of the state-of-the-art Swiss forging machine

Robotic forging machine

Using robotic arms with the 4000-ton drop forging machine

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Our profile

  • Automotive industry: drive components and gear components for commercial vehicles, small commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Electrical industry: parts for electric motors and pumps
  • Mechanical engineering industry: drive components and bearing rings