In 2006, Kovács Ltd. expanded its production capacity to include forging and is currently capable of manufacturing nearly 20,000 tons of forged components.

Our current drop forging and shaft rolling machines help us produce products for the automotive industry cost-effectively.

Thanks to our new and modern facility, we are able to maintain tighter tolerances on our products, thus reducing material usage. This translates into cost savings, as the initial mass of the product is smaller, and less material needs to be removed during the machining process. These two factors combined represent a significant cost advantage for our customers.

In 2018, the company decided to increase its forging capacity and invested 35 million euros in Hatebur HM75XL technology.

This new technology allows for the forging of 20 tons of product per hour, with an annual free capacity of 12 million pieces.

There are two gas furnaces for isothermal annealing or other heat treatments. These furnaces are fully automated, with a capacity of 6 tons per hour.

A new 10,000 m² hall provides space for automated forging, heat treatment furnaces, and logistical requirements.