Quality Management

Quality policy and Environmental policy

MK-D Quality policy statement

We, at Kovács Kft., considers quality as a key priority and aim at implementing this priority by introducing and applying the quality management system set up and documented in accordance with the requirements of standards ISO 9001 and, for the automotive industry,  ISO/TS 16949:2009.

The primary strategic objective of our company is to ensure that the quality of our products and our manufacturing technology comply with state-of-the-art requirements. We are continually developing our manufacturing processes and quality management system to improve our effectiveness and economy, as well as to efficiently satisfy customer requirements.

We attach utmost importance to the following areas:
  • Making quality and customer requirements known to the staff, and ensuring the effective application of these requirements within the organisation;
  • On-time accurate and unfailing deliveries;
  • Zero defects approach with a focus on defect prevention;
  • Measuring, evaluating and improving the effectiveness of processes;
  • Ensuring effective training and efficient flow of information;
  • Establishing mutually beneficial relations with suppliers;
  • Involving the workers in developments.

The management of Kovács Kft. is fully committed to complying with the above policies and to providing the necessary resources.

Environmental policy

Core activities of Kovács Kft.: metalworking and die forging

Basic techniques: CNC machining, die forging and heat treatment

Our company has set itself the goal of pursuing its activities by giving consideration to environmental aspects. Environmentally aware attitudes and eco-friendly operations are important elements of the basic company philosophy.

The environmental management system of Kovács Kft. composed in accordance with standard ISO 14001:2004 is implemented in strict accordance with the quality management system of our company. Our aim is to achieve an environmental performance that we can be proud of, to win the confidence of our customers and stakeholders, to succeed in being a good neighbour, and to contribute to sustainable development.

In order to achieve our goals:
  • We have committed ourselves to the prevention of pollution and seek to constantly reduce our emissions into the environment;
  • We comply with environmental legislation, decisions, standard requirements and national regulations applicable to our activity;
  • We have defined environmental objectives and targets that are attained under environmental programmes, and we are continuously monitoring the achievement of these objectives and targets;
  • Our principal aim is to collect separately, dispose and, if possible, recycle waste arising from our activities and office waste;
  • We place a particular emphasis on the economical use of energy and raw materials in the course of carrying out our activity;
  • We assess our environmental performance at defined intervals and, taking into account the results of the assessments, are constantly improving our environmental management system;
  • Our staff is regularly informed of the performance of and any changes made to our environmental management system, and we keep ourselves up to date;
  • We require our suppliers to carry out their activities according to the requirements of the environmental management system put in place by our company;
  • The company deems it of the utmost importance that its staff and suppliers respect the environment and have environmentally aware attitudes, to completely fulfil the needs of stakeholders;
  • Our staff is expected to work in an environmentally friendly manner, and they regularly receive training to achieve this.

Quality management

Kovács Kft. operates a quality management system certified according to standard ISO/TS 16949:2009 for manufacturing processes. Investments in product quality have led to significant improvements in our checking and measuring apparatus. We pay particular attention to the planning, organising and supervising of the work to ensure the accuracy and precision of our finished products. Our processes meet relevant quality requirements. The primary objective of our company is to satisfy in full customer requirements.

Measuring devices:
  • ZEISS Contura 7/7/6 – coordinate measuring machine
  • ZEISS Contura G2 Aktiv – coordinate measuring machine
  • ZEISS Accura 12/18/10 – coordinate measuring machine
  • ZEISS Duramax – coordinate measuring machine
  • ZEISS Contourecord 1700 – contourograph machine
  • Twinner T8 – measuring equipment for checking length and diameter
  • T&S ConturoMatic – contourograph machine
  • Mitutoyo – surface roughness measuring instrument
  • More than 800 manual measuring instruments
  • Jenoptik Opticline – shaft measuring instrument
Material testing laboratory instruments:
  • PALLAS – microscope
  • MECATOM T4 – circular sawing machine
  • MECAPRESS II. – mounting press
  • MECAPOL 320 – polishing machine
  • EMCO M1C010 – hardness tester
  • EMCO M4U-075 – hardness tester
  • KARL DEUTSCH 1090 – ultrasonic flaw detector
  • KA-MEGA UH 600 – flaw detector
Our certificates: