Product Range

Product Range

Machining Facility

We can manufacture simple and small parts, as well as components of 600 mm diameter in our cutting plant. We primarily produce products from forged prefabrications and also from filament material. Our main products include gears, clutch discs, shafts and rotors.

Machining plant

In our machining plant, the exterior dimensions of the workpiece and fixture do not exceed 630x630x1200 mm, we thus can machine parts of smaller sizes. We primarily produce parts from aluminium castings, but also machine composite turned components. Our main products include housings for gearboxes, pump housings and forging tools.

Forging plant

Shape: Solids of revolution (gears and discs)
Weight: between 0.8 kg and 13 kg
Size limit: projected area up to 400 cm2 (≈ Ø220 mm)
Starting material diameters: between Ø30 mm and 110 mm
Tolerance and permissible deviations: according to DIN 10243-1
Forging quality: class F

Shape: Shafts
Diameter: up to 160 mm
Length: up to 600 mm