When Kovács Ltd. was founded in 1993, its primary goal was to nurture young talent in the field. The founder, István Kovács, initially passed on his high-level professional knowledge to students himself, and later, with the assistance of skilled instructors holding master certifications.

Since 1996, students have been continuously joining our company. In addition to the turning profession, the qualification of mechanical engineering technician was also accredited by the Chamber of Commerce back in the 1990s when education was conducted in cooperation with the Széchenyi István Vocational School in Mezőkövesd. Today, close collaboration is maintained not only with the Mezőkövesdi Széchenyi Catholic School but also with the Miskolc Andrássy Gyula Mechanical Engineering Technical School.

Due to the transformation of vocational training and changes in students’ career preferences, we expanded our dual training opportunities in 2020 to include electricians and industrial machinists.

In 2021, we obtained accreditation for CAD-CAM computer scientist training in cooperation with the Andrássy Gyula Mechanical Engineering Technical School in Miskolc.

In addition to the prescribed scholarship/vocational training allowance, our students receive a monthly net HUF 10,000 in cafeteria benefits and, based on their academic performance and semi-annual individual achievements, they can receive a one-time bonus of up to HUF 50,000.

The foundation of practical work is acquired in a well-equipped workshop. In the final year of their training, our students, with the assistance of professionals with years of experience, gain insight into the operation of a large corporation in a real production environment, preparing them for future employment. They experience the actual manufacturing environment, the process of workplace behavior and integration, enabling them to become true skilled workers simultaneously with the acquisition of their professional certificate.

Over the past 25 years, more than 300 students have learned the practical foundations of their chosen professions in our well-equipped workshop, which not only facilitates the acquisition of practical skills but also provides tools for enhancing theoretical knowledge.

We offer our graduates the opportunity to continue their professional journey as employees within the Kovács Ltd. team after passing their professional exams. Currently, we are working with several colleagues who began their careers as apprentices at Kovács Ltd. and have since been strengthening our team, some even holding managerial positions.

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