The Kovacs Ltd. extended its production with forging in 2006.

It’s able to produce nearly 20.000 tons forged part at present. Our current machine stock have die forging and cross wedge rolling technology which help us producing parts for transmission and drive system economicly.

Due to the new and modern processing plant the tolerance of our products can be kept in closer range therefore reducing the raw material consumption.

It appears as a price reducing factor as the initial weight of the product will be less and after forging less materials removal required at turning. These two factors together mean significant price advantage for our costumers.

The company decided in 2018 to increase its forging capacity, Kovács Kft. thus invested 35 million euros in the forming technology Hatebur HM 75 XL.

This new technology allows us to forge 20 tonnes of products per hour, and the annual spare capacity is 12 million pieces.

The two gas-fired furnaces for isothermal annealing or other heat treatment are both fully automatic with a capacity of 6 tonnes per hour.

A new hall of 10,000 m² provides for suitable shop space for automatic forging, heat treatment furnaces and logistical requirements.

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